Many customers are asking us, if they can take their electric step scooter with them in the airplane? Unfortunately, most of the electric scooter are now equipped with powerful long distance Lithium battery which contain too much power to be carried with you as cabin luggage and even as a check-in luggage !

here below you will find the official information from the IATA, The International Air Transport Association:

This notice is in response to questions raised by operators regarding the acceptability of small vehicles that are powered by lithium ion batteries in passenger checked and/or carry-on
baggage. There have been reports of these small vehicles being sold at airports in airside shops, as well as being available in many cities, particularly in Asia.

The allowance for passengers or crew to have PED in their checked or carry-on baggage
is determined by the size (Watt-hour rating) of the lithium ion battery as follows:

  • where the lithium ion battery does not exceed 100 Wh passengers and crew may have
    these devices in either checked or carry-on baggage. Approval of the operator is not
  • where the lithium ion battery exceeds 100 Wh but does not exceed 160 Wh passengers
    and crew may have these devices in either checked or carry-on baggage, but the
    approval of the operator is required; and
  • where the lithium ion battery exceeds 160 Wh the device is forbidden from being in either passenger or crew checked or carry-on baggage.

The official pdf can be downloaded here (Small Vehicles Powered by Lithium Batteries – Passenger Provisions Updated 19 February 2016) .

List of authorised small vehicles for Airplanes sold on

Knowing this information, we are gonna list you products we are selling which can be taken with you in the plane:

  • EMICRO Eagle X3 (Out of stock) Batterie : Samsung 2,5 Ah / 90 Wh
  • EMICRO Sparrow X4 (for kids) Battery Capacité : 2,6 Ah / 47 Wh
  • Segway Drift W1 Battery Capacity = 44.4 Wh

We do want to remind you that all the classic (no battery) step scooter collection is allowed in the airplane !

Have a safe flight ! – The Electric Scooter Specialist


3 thoughts on “Can I take my electric Scooter in the Plane?

  1. Carl Cooper says:

    For me the question is can a e scooter be allowed on board with the battery removed? Im thinking on shipping my battery .

  2. Sandy says:

    Sandy says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    How did this go? This is what we are thinking of doing!!! Pack the scooter, mail the battery. Did that work?

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